Learn how to make your own plant-based vegan bathbombs and bubble bath at this workshop in Sydney. Join this fun, colourful and fragrant workshop (with the clever-clogs at Sweet Cherry Soda) to make and decorate your own eco-friendly (and totally vegan) bath bombs and bubble bath treats. You'll learn about the stuff that goes into bath products and cosmetics - and why you don't need animal products or plastics to pamper yourself. You'll make and decorate some gorgeously colourful, sparkly and fragrant products that are kind on your skin and good for the environment (did someone say "biodegradable glitter"?) This class is perfect for beginners who want to learn how to create their own bath products using only plant-based ingredients. You will take home: A round bath bomb (with mould to Read more →
1:30pm Saturday 16 March 2019
Rozelle Campus, Rozelle NSW (map)

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