This class is where you come to learn how to bake food fit for a midnight feast. Get your hands involved making both a dough and a pastry, learn how to make kale not suck and munch on desserts you've made before you smash them into ice-cream. You'll be blazing through recipes once you master your oven at Totally Baked. Highlights include: Focaccia with Kale Chip Pesto Pie Pastry with Mince Pie and Quiche fillings Baklava Baklava Ice Cream Each class starts with a glass of wine (included). This class is entirely vegan and is unsuitable for those avoiding gluten. Review from past participants: "Can confirm that Zacch's classes are fun, informed and suuuuuper cute! Filled with delicious dishes and so much info! Definitely a class to be recommended!" - Kate Read more →
12:00pm Saturday 2 March 2019
Thornbury VIC (map)

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