Hi, I'm Adele! Plant based cook, published author and co-owner of SoulPod Food. When I first moved out of home, I was vegetarian, and had been spoilt by mum and dad's cooking. They're fantastic cooks, and mum was (and still is!) always happy to whip me up some plant based goodies. However in that kitchen, in Clifton Hill (with yellow walls and black and white tiles) I struggled. I was so eager to learn though, that my victories far outweighed my disasters. I'd go to the markets once a week, stock up on fresh produce, nuts, legumes, seeds, and the basics, and try my hand at re-creating mums dishes, and coming up with my own. She always taught us that good, healthy food was tantamount to giving love and caring for your family - and she herself made everything from scratch. I wanted to do Read more →
6:00pm Friday 1 March 2019
SoulPod Foods, Croydon South VIC (map)

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