Miso is a highly versatile traditional Japanese seasoning which is produced not only by the fermentation of soybeans but also by the fermentation of chickpeas, brown rice and other ingredients. Join Takako - from Manmaru Japanese Eatery - in the Magic Of Miso, a vegan and gluten free Japanese super-food workshop where you will learn new and exciting ways to work with this amazing ingredient In the Magic Of Miso workshop you will: Learn how to make miso caramel (we will make and taste this in some Miso caramel-peanut balls) Learn how to make miso marinated nuts (we will make and taste this in avocado, cucumber & oven roast pumpkin Onigirazu (Japanese rice sandwiches) Take home 45g of each unique kind of miso that Alfalfa House sells (Meru, Genmai, Mugi) in a glass jar. Receive a Read more →
7:15pm Tuesday 26 February 2019
Alfalfa House Community Food Co-op, Newtown NSW (map)

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