Would you like to eat healthier but think it's too expensive? Eating Vegan on a Budget? Is it even possible? Hell YES! We all know now that we should be reducing our meat and dairy consumption but are you worried that eating healthier will cost more? Are you confused as to what healthy plant-based foods have enough protein, calcium and iron? Are you Vegetarian? Flexitarian? Or already Vegan but not eating enough healthy, whole-food meals? The Beet Retreat is here to help! Every day is ANIMAL PRODUCT FREE at The Beet Retreat and our speciality is making delciously healthy, whole food vegan meals accessible to all budgets AND desirable to all taste buds! YES! BUDGET FRIENDLY! Let's face it, we all want to eat well and feel satisfied but not spend a fortune doing so. Eating Vegan on a Budget Read more →
12:00pm Sunday 24 February 2019
The Beet Retreat, Smiths Gully VIC (map)

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