V Stars, At our Eating for Life event, we had different insights from a range of speakers about Paleo, Wholefood Vegan and Ayurveda. One speaker asked three very interesting question: Are you really digesting (absorbing) the organic food you are eating? Are you really eating for your body type? Why are so many inflammation issues in Australia? I was baffled by these questions, so I wanted to find out more. I consulted with the Ayurvedic Dr Rama Prasad and found out so much about my body. I convinced him to do a 4 hour workshop on everything about Digestion and Ayurveda and voila here we are. Dr Rama Prasad is Australia's leading Ayurvedic Doctor. He has been teaching Ayurveda around Australia. With over 25 years of clinical experience, he has range of fascinating insights to help you Read more →
10:00am Saturday 16 February 2019
Meditation Space, East Sydney NSW (map)

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