Doctors For Nutrition is honoured to invite you to the inaugural Australasian Nutrition in Healthcare Conference, from 15-17 February in Melbourne, Australia! TICKETS: (NEW PACKAGE DEAL: book for 4 people and save 20% each!) International Keynote Speakers Dr Neal Barnard, M.D. (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, USA) Dr Scott Stoll M.D. (The Plantrician Project, USA) Dr Renae Thomas M.D. (Loma Linda University Medical Center, USA) Dr Luke Wilson M.D. (The BROAD Study, NZ) Dr Alan Desmond M.D. (The Devon Gut Doctor, UK) Steven Cuzmenco R.N. (USA) [Plus numerous Australian presenters to be announced, including Dr Malcolm Mackay MD, Dr Heleen & Juliette Roex MD, Dr Andrew Davies MD, Dr Peter Johnston PhD, Joel Craddock APD, Dr Isobelle Woodruff Read more →
Friday 15 February to Sunday 17 February 2019
Central Pier, Docklands VIC (map)

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