It's that time of year again! The University Cupcake Challenge's 4-day O-Week extravaganza is set to go down THIS FEBRUARY. Join us for an epic marathon of baked treats, vegan outreach and all the dogs your heart could desire! The University Cupcake Challenge encourages university students to face the reality of where our food comes from. Students will watch a short but powerful and confronting clip detailing our use of animals for consumption. Following this, student's courage will be rewarded with a cruelty-free treat and will be engaged in a discussion about how they view animals in their lives and how they can help their day-to-day actions align with those beliefs. The University Cupcake Challenge is brought to UNSW with the help of Animal Voices UNSW. Edit: Day 5 of O-Week on Friday Read more →
Monday 11 February to Thursday 14 February 2019
University of New South Wales, Kensington NSW (map)

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