So it's been a month since the abhorrent remark was said by Joe Hildebrand on the morning program Studio 10 on the 4th of December. A friendly reminder of the situation; on December 4th the morning show Studio 10 had a segment on their show that spoke of changing "slang terms" to "animal friendly" terms as a way to "not offend vegans". It was during this segment that Joe Hildebrand outright insinuated that the phrase "kill two birds with one stone" should be changed to "kill two vegans with one stone". He was then cheered and applauded for his remark by the audience and simply had one person (another host) say "we shouldn't advocate killing anyone" but was then forgotten. Furthermore, not only was Joe's remark applauded and cheered on, but it was then endorsed and followed up by another Read more →
12:00pm Sunday 3 February 2019
Channel 10, Pyrmont NSW (map)

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