Come over to Wandering Cooks for a vegan experience that delights the senses. Food will be served in traditional style, on a fresh, organic banana leaf. The banana leaf not only servets as a plate, it adds to the flavour of the food. Among the dishes to be served, you will find: Aged Basmati Rice, Sambar (a savoury lentil stew), Potato Curry, South Indian Pumpkin, Coconut Green Beans, Cucumber Raita (made with coconut yoghurt), Jackfruit Curry, Pickles, South Indian Savoury Mango, Dal Vadas. Rasam (a thin lentil and tamarind soup) Heirloom Tomato Curry, Pappadums, Payasam (dessert sago pudding) and other dishes. The Wandering Cooks bar will be open for drinks. Limited Tickets available. Read more →
6:00pm Saturday 26 January 2019
Wandering Cooks, South Brisbane QLD (map)

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