Come! Learn! Cook! Eat! The Beet Retreat Cooking Classes are a sublime way to spend a couple of hours after work. The ambience. The endless views. The sense of community and inclusion and of course the food! Healthy, vibrant Vegan meals, staples, sauces, desserts and treats that wont chain you to the kitchen for hours every week. Food that will delight the whole family AND nourish them at the same time, at any stage of life! These special 2 hour classes are a gateway to a healthier, more connected life. When we make better food choices, we feel and live better. Feeling well enhances our sense of wellbeing beyond all else. Vitality is our birthright. This most sustainable of dietary lifestyles is grounded in both compassion and abundance. There is no need to count calories, macros or feel Read more →
6:30pm Thursday 15 November 2018
The Beet Retreat, Smiths Gully VIC (map)

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