Tired of feeling hungry with your new weight loss diets? Sick of radical diets not providing long-term outcomes? Annoyed that counting calories isn't taking you to your goal? Don't wait to start your healthy weight loss journey- eat your way to weight loss with Japanese superfoods NOW! DID YOU KNOW? *The food you eat can either aid your weight loss or be your worst enemy! *Using Japanese superfoods in your meal can help you burn fat without feeling hungry! ON THE MENU *From superfoods to everyday foods, you will discover the ways of healthy meals that aid weight loss *Learn how to cleanse your body and give it the boost you need to start your weight loss journey *Produce recipes that are high-fiber, low calorie and properly balanced meals using Japanese superfoods! *Create healthy weight Read more →
1:00pm Saturday 3 November 2018
Loft and Earth, Bondi Junction NSW (map)

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