We are excited to announce the next Ahimsa Festival. After the great success of the first multi day vegan outdoor festival we are thrilled for the October long weekend one. Which means 3.5 days of nature, fun, connecting and even more amazing workshops. The Festival is for people who are living, or want to live, a more conscious and compassionate lifestyle and care for mother earth and all living beings. We can see changes on every level of society. Awareness is rising around the issues of animal cruelty, the impact on nature through ignorant industries, the pollution of the ocean, climate change and the part that we as individuals play. But we are also realising that we can make a difference as individual, as a community and as a result from it as a society. So lets again get together to Read more →
Friday 28 September to Monday 1 October 2018
Grove Gatherings, Wisemans Ferry NSW (map)

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