Start the day right with a super healthy breakfast, packed with nutrients and made quick and easily. Learn how to incorporate superfoods in smoothies, porridge, pudding, granola and more. Recipes and ingredients included as well as lots of tips and tricks from a self proclaimed health nut. All recipes are vegan, gluten free, dairy free and sugar free. What you will learn all about superfoods including where to source and how to use at home healthy breakfast recipes including storage instructions hands on experience making nutrient-rich breakfasts What you will get delicious taste testers pudding to take home lots of hands on fun simple and achievable recipes What to bring apron container About the tutor Cathy Kelaiditis is a talented home cook with a passion for healthy and delicious Read more →
10:00am Sunday 23 September 2018
Yarraville Community Centre, Yarraville VIC (map)

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