The French organizers of the International March to Close All Slaughterhouses have also originated WoDES and they have asked the Save A Cow Foundation to organize a WoDES event here in Australia. So the Save A Cow Foundation is pleased to support their initiative with this event in Brisbane. We meet at the grand ramp at King George square, just near Brisbane City Hall, Adelaide Street, Brisbane from 10.30am for an 11.00 am start. We then start the public speaking part (have your own say) until 12.30pm. We then form a sacred circle of animal respect (SCAR) and then I will explain protocol for the march, highlight our ultimate objective of ending speciesism and achieving legal personhood for our fellow Earthlings and then I will rev everyone up for the march through the streets of Brisbane Read more →
10:30am Saturday 1 September 2018
King George Square, Brisbane QLD (map)

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