At Madame Shanghai, we're excited to present a banquet celebrating the variety of tastes and textures in Chinese vegan cuisine. Our set menu features uniquely designed dumplings; soy beans in different forms in both hot and cold dishes; late winter vegetables cooked over our chargrill; plus nuts, seeds, tubers to nourish and satisfy. Our wines and cocktails for the evening have also been chosen in keeping with the theme, so everyone can freely indulge. Entree Sweet corn soup with chickpea relish Kale and spinach dumpling Mixed mushroom dumpling with truffle Steamed Chinese cabbage and glass noodle dumpling Crispy soybean roll with yam bean, daylily and black fungi San choi bao with soy bean, pickled turnip, pumpkin seed Main Smoked tofu and celery salad Eggplant and king brown mushroom Read more →
7:00pm Thursday 30 August 2018
Madame Shanghai, Darlinghurst NSW (map)

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