The vegan trend is one that is growing faster than you can say tempeh! And for good reason too. Choosing to eat a balanced plant-based vegan diet is proven to be the most sustainable, healthy diet you can follow. We're living in a time where our planet needs us more than ever. The biggest bonus is it's also the only diet that is cruelty-free. You get to vote with your heart three times a day; every time you sit down to eat you choose love, compassion and kindness and live congruently with your values. Your ticket to this event covers the cost of the ingredients used to demonstrate ways you can incorporate delicious whole plant foods into your everyday for a happy, healthy and deliciously long life. At the end of the cooking demonstration, we will all sit down together and share a meal Read more →
3:00pm Saturday 25 August 2018
The Good's, Connells Point NSW (map)

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