Sydney Vegan Markets is getting bigger and brighter and we'd like to make it a regular event. You'll get to taste all the varieties of savoury and sweets on offer from Sydney's leading plant-based businesses. Better than that, you will have a new host with the most in John Lee. He is well known for hosting some crazy parties. More on this soon. Here are the details of the markets: Sydney Vegan WHAT are the Sydney Vegan Markets about? Vegan NSW are excited to be presenting Sydney Vegan Market. A monthly market held on the third Sunday of the month Fraser Park at the Portuguese Community Club in Marrickville, between 9am - 4pm. Their main objective is simple; support vegans to maintain their veganism and we are confident that this market will do just that. There is a shift in Read more →
1:00pm Sunday 15 July 2018
COMMUNE, Waterloo NSW (map)

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