One Small Step for NSW, One giant leap for Vegankind: Paws 4 Fun Agility & Flyball Club is running the first ever vegan sausage sizzle fundraiser at a Bunnings in NSW. Come for Suzy Spoon's delicious sausages! Come to support us & our pooches! Come be part of changing a culture and help make the first cruelty-free sizzle a success! Suzy Spoon is extremely honoured to be part of the first fully vegan BBQ at Bunnings NSW. Let's get behind them and show our support. Here's to many more! Paws 4 Fun is dedicated to training the dynamic dog sports of agility and flyball. We exclusively use positive reinforcement to create an inter-species collaboration, rather than any dominance-based relationship. As dogs are geniuses at reading our signals, the bulk of the training is geared towards the Read more →
Saturday 14 July 2018
Bunnings, Alexandria NSW (map)

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