We will be looking at the many native Dry Rainforest and Open Woodland plants that have been planted in the area and discuss their traditional and contemporary uses. There are over 200 different Dry Rainforest species that traditionally grew in SEQ and Northern NSW, many of which are valuable bushfoods, medicinal plants, fauna attractors and utility trees! There is also a range of incredibly ancient plants found in the park that were in existence at the time of the Dinosaurs and being nibbled on my Megafauna tens of thousands of years ago! This event will enable you to clearly identify the plants discussed, know how implement them into your own life and the role they play in the environment around you! For more information about this event, feel free to email: flora4faunaqld@gmail.com To Read more →
10:00am Sunday 1 July 2018
Peacehaven Park, Highfields QLD (map)

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