Discover the power of Japanese fermented foods such as KOJI, for your health and beauty. It is much easier and tastier to incorporate into your daily diet than you think! DID YOU KNOW? - Koji produces 400 health components - It is Japan's natural culture behind fermented food products - Koji is Japan's natural MSG - It's getting seriously trendy among top chefs in the world including in Australia (check it out here - Completely transforms your gut health for the better! You will:*use various types of Japanese koji products such as salt koji, syoyu koji, amazake and miso.*make super easy and versatile koji sauces. With these tips you will master the following:*various entree using koji sauce*main meal - konnyaku carbonara*Tsukemono (Japanese style pickles)*wagashi - Read more →
1:00pm Saturday 23 June 2018
Loft and Earth, Bondi Junction NSW (map)

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