Have you ever wanted to know how to make all your favourite chocolates and desserts with vegan ingredients? How about Vegan Nutella, perfectly tempered Vegan Salted Caramel Truffles and Vegan chocolate Ganache? This is a rare opportunity to work with a vegan chocolatier and chocolate maker with over 7 years of experience and training in professional chocolate making. What you will learn: How chocolate is made - from the bean to the bar. How to temper vegan chocolate using the traditional art of 'tabling' - mylk, dark and whyte varieties. How to make and mould your own chocolate soft-centred truffles at home. How to set and de-mould chocolate. How to make your own versions of old favourites such as chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache and vegan Nutella! Menu: Homemade Nutella Bears on GF Read more →
2:00pm Sunday 3 June 2018
Ettalong Beach NSW (map)

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