These 4-5hr Whole Food Vegan Cooking Classes, were created for YOU. Vegan or Non Vegan. Young or Senior. They are your gateway to clearing out the confusion and the garbage and making eating healthy, family friendly, REAL food a simple, time honoured pleasure again. The way it should be! It's a full afternoon of learning and fun, of warmth and laughter and sharing, of preparing and eating vibrant, mostly organic and healthy vegan food. Check off your calender for more like a 5 hour experience as that's just how we roll here once we are diving into the foodie fun! Who cares about running over! I dont, I'm here to help and enjoy the vibe too :) A good part of the lesson's content and style is also conversational. We ask. We listen. We discuss. I share and recommend, because when you walk Read more →
12:00pm Sunday 27 May 2018
The Beet Retreat, Smiths Gully VIC (map)

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