Love animals much? Wanna take part in the BIGGEST and FUNNEST and AMAZINGEST Animal Rights Rally ever seen in Australia? Don't miss out! You don't wanna tell your grandkids that you were home eating a stale La Panella doughnut instead of being part of HISTORY! There'll be visual displays, projections, live performances, speeches from AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL animal activists. + AND, it's a nighttime rally! WOW! Promote compassion and kindness. Make a difference. ~ Be ~ ~ Part ~ ~ Of ~ ~ History ~ #wewillrisetogether. If you're on Facebook, please hit the "Going" button which'll attract more people to the event! Bring friends, family, neighbours, workmates, anyone. Especially people who've never participated in an animal rights rally before. +++ I'll post the MEETING POINT on the day in Read more →
4:30pm Saturday 28 April 2018
State Library of Victoria, Melbourne VIC (map)

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