2.30pm - 5.30pm Miso & Tempeh Workshop - Hands on Koji Ball Making. 6.00pm - 9.00pm Sourdough Bread & Fermented Foods Workshop - Hands on Sourdough & Sauerkraut. If making your own vegan fermented food intrigues you, then you can learn how to make your own Miso & Tempeh + Sourdough bread and fermented veggies in two 3 hour workshops with Permaculture-realfood. These workshops are aimed at the beginner and you will soon see that it's quite easy to make your own delicious vegan food from scratch. Also included in these workshops is how to make easy sourdough bread from scratch and also how to create living fermented foods & drinks. All these foods will greatly increase the health of both you and your family as they taste the delicious creations you will soon be making for them. After the Read more →
Saturday 28 April 2018
Queen Alexandra Home, Coorparoo QLD (map)

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