A 3 course (5 dishes) feast at the newest vegan cafe the Greek Vegan Bakery (GVB). Prepare your self for a feast! We'll are also supporting the Peanuts Funny Farm - the animal sanctuary of the month. GVB have taken all the traditional Greek Dishes and made them vegan. Here's why they did it: youtu.be/7B-j8qn4MwU They made such a splash, they were shown on the Daily Telegraph. Greek Vegan Bakery is not normally open on the weekends in Revesby. They are doing this for us. They opened a second cafe in Newtown as well. Check out this review: "I went to Greek Vegan Bakery yesterday, and was compelled to let the world know how special these people and their delicious food are. Fior is passionate and generous of heart, and her food reflects this passion and generosity. Highlights are their vegan Read more →
12:00pm Saturday 28 April 2018
Greek Vegan Bakery, Revesby NSW (map)

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