This year Brisbane based Vegan Dietitian is coming to Noosa for a holiday and also to run a double workshop! We will host our two most popular workshops: 1. Complete guide to Vegan & Plant Based Nutrition 2. Vegan Meal Planning, Gut Health and Fat Loss Nutrition All clients from Brisbane who have been to both workshops can vouch that it was the most amazing thing they learnt. And plus, every question that you could think of asking will be covered in either of the two workshops :) For Workshop One you will be learning the following: * What to eat to be a healthy vegan? * How to make sure you are not nutrient deficient as a vegan? * Why vegans feel weak, fatigue, have higher bone fractures and nerve damage? * What ingredients are harmful to you health and needs to minimised or removed from Read more →
1:00pm Sunday 22 April 2018
Noosa Blue Resort, Noosa Heads QLD (map)

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