The topic of gut health is so huge right now! It's no wonder, as gut health is cornerstone to optimal health + vitality! Qualified Naturopath + Nutritionist Heidi Melville is excited to present a 1 hour talk on this amazing topic <3 Do you realise that the majority of your immunity lies in your digestive tract? 70 - 80% in fact! Did you know that your brain is strongly connected to your gut?! 95% of our feel good chemical serotonin is made in the gut! Join Heidi as she journeys through the digestive system. Learn about why an unhealthy gut can become the cause of disease. Discover the gut's connection with immunity, mood, behaviour, detoxification, skin and more! Heidi lives a plant-based lifestyle. She not only believes this is the healthiest way to live but the most sustainable and Read more →
11:00am Sunday 22 April 2018
Mission Beach Community Arts Centre, Mission Beach QLD (map)

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