Join us for a day-long in the forest, learn how to collect edible mushrooms and come back home with your own harvest. Wild edible mushrooms foraging WHAT: Join us on a day outing in the State Forest. Follow the footsteps of the Italian and Polish families, wild crafters and gourmet food enthusiasts, for a fantastic seasonal treat> pine mushrooms! This workshop is on a Wednesday and there will be fewer people in the forest, hence less competition. That's it, you heard about it, you've seen them at the farmers market, you ate them in risottos and paellas, this year you can jump on a bus to get them out of the forest! This is the first workshop of the season, so get in early to get the skills and enjoy the upcoming 3-4 months of harvest. WHEN: Wednesday 18 April 2018 8:30am-2pm WHERE: We're Read more →
Wednesday 18 April 2018
Penrose State Forest, Paddys River NSW (map)

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