This is Newkind 2.0 - Post-Human Boot Camp. From 21st-25th March 2018, we will meet again at base camp in Tasmania, to further investigate the Reinvention of Reality. "Can we proactively engage in our own evolution?" That is the question we are asking. How can we better ourselves, and be of more effective service to the world? Newkind 2.0 is a 5-day master class for Agents of Social Change. We are assembling thought leaders, innovators, inventors, educators, health experts, physical trainers and artists to empower, inspire and assist us in becoming more effective in our mission to create a peaceful, equitable and just world. Lectures, discussion panels, skill development workshops, health seminars, PT sessions and survivalist training, will lead into evenings of experimental art, Read more →
Wednesday 21 March to Sunday 25 March 2018
Tasmania TAS (map)

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