Learn the what, where and how of beach wild food. Ever walked along the coastline and wondered about all of those plants, seaweed and seafood? Are they edible? How do you harvest them? How do you positively identify them? Are you allowed to collect them? Join Sydney forager Diego Bonetto and wild food expert Oliver Brown on a 3 hour workshop learning the what, where and how of collecting a meal from the seashore. This is a rare opportunity to learn from two of Sydney's most knowledgeable people when it comes to sourcing food from the land and sea. WHAT WILL WE DO? We will take a walk from Gordons Bay to Clovelly's northern headland (Shark Point) and learn about the most common edible seaweeds, coastal wild food, littoral plants and their uses from an indigenous and cosmopolitan Read more →
9:00am Sunday 11 March 2018
Clovelly Beach, Clovelly NSW (map)

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