A perfect opportunity to see what our footprint is having on our oceans and marine life. Single use plastic, such as plastic shopping bags, coffee cups straws and plastic cutlery are one of the biggest culprits choking our oceans and marine life. An insightful view on the direction our environment is heading if we don't make a change. If one person can make small changes and create a difference, we have hope for our oceans. Q&A after screening with experts working within the fields of marine science and everyday people making a difference. Respect Our Mother The ocean is the mother of all life on our planet. Understanding the value of the ocean ecosystems is a crucial first step in its recovery. I will share my knowledge with my friends and family. I will find joy in the time I spend in Read more →
6:30pm Thursday 22 February 2018
Event Cinemas, Innaloo WA (map)

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