"WE WILL RISE TOGETHER" will be the catch cry in 2018 when the life changing documentary "Dominion" will be released. This documentary by Chris Delforce of Aussie Farms uses innovative technology to expose the industries that exploit animals in many industries. Tammy Leigh of Pure Vision Tattoo has graciously accepted an offer to assist with fundraising for Aussie Farms to raise money to assist Chris to continue his work in exposing these abhorrent industries, and bring the plight of animals to the forefront of the human consciousness. "WE WILL RISE TOGETHER" will be the tattoo of the day, with a few different fonts to choose from. There will be no changes that can be made to the fonts and no extra ones will be added. These fonts will be available to view once Tammy has prepared them. Read more →
Monday 12 February 2018
Pure Vision Tattoo, Abbotsford VIC (map)

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