You may not know it yet but improving your health and vitality can be as simple as what you choose to eat each day. Your Grandma wasn't too far wrong when she said to eat all your fruit and vegetables, or you wouldn't grow big and strong! Somehow, over the last 40-50 years, we have lost that gem of simplicity and now, bombarded as we are from every quarter by manipulative marketing strategies driven by powerful industries, reality TV and celebrity chef's, we are fatter, sicker and dying longer than ever before. The Beet Retreat is a local Bed and Breakfast and Plant Based Cooking School run by health and fitness enthusiast Jan Saunders. Opening the very popular Vegan B&B in early 2014 and providing deliciously healthy, plant-based meals to people from all walks of life, led to requests Read more →
6:30pm Tuesday 23 January 2018
The Beet Retreat, Smiths Gully VIC (map)

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