Making friends with salad is an event aimed to bring together conscious individuals to share a meal with like-minded people and others aspiring to further their ethical way of life. The menu curated for the evening has been crafted by our head-chef Yong with help and advice from our resident vegan/venue manager, to provide nutritious and delicious flavours of vegan indulgence. Since the beginning of the recent changeover in management at Monkey Magic the venue has been consciously broadening their menu (Aqua-Faba whiskey sours anyone?)If you have any concerns don't worry, we have vegan and vegetarian employees to answer any questions you will have. A $45 cover charge includes:Set vegan dinnerA choice of signature cocktails made with Aqua-FabaOne of our famous watermelon shots on entry GF Read more →
7:00pm Monday 8 January 2018
Monkey Magic Bar, Darlinghurst NSW (map)

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