This Sunday 17th it's the Vegan Market. I'm trading there, selling custard tarts and savoury pastries, all vegan :) and I need some time to prepare, so I need to move this meet-up for the following Friday 22nd. I hope you are available, please let me know, we can choose a date :) It's been a little busy with studies/work and stuff, im sure you too but now it's time to chill and enjoy the Xmas season! If you have next Friday free let's have dinner and go to a cool pub and have a good time and let's get the party started :) I can make a booking at a nearby pub, I'll just need to get the numbers so please let me know these week The past meet ups some people had RSVP and didn't come so I need to charge a small fee of $5 to cover meet-up costs (it's not compulsory, up to you) I'll bring a Read more →
7:00pm Friday 22 December 2017
Lentil As Anything, Newtown NSW (map)

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