Second Hand Vegan is back! Now called 'V Loved' (say it out loud), we will be at the inaugural Sydney Vegan Markets this coming Sunday - yay! Have been waiting SOOO looong. We only sell goods that are: - specifically vegan (Vegan Wares shoes) - vegan with a vegan message - vegan with a vegan picture of an animal (no horse & carriages) - vegan alternatives (vegan soy candle) - but no plain accidentally vegan items (plain T-shirts, even if vegan) as we don't have heaps of storage space and we want to specialise and serve the vegan community. We'd love to receive your vegan donated goods! All proceeds go to support Vegan NSW do things like create the Sydney Vegan Markets and other great initiatives. All goods half price for those on low income - you decide if that's you :) (Work in Read more →
Sunday 17 December 2017
Sydney Vegan Market, Marrickville NSW (map)

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