Elder Patricia Ansell Dodds (NT) presents a full day lecture / interactive seminar for the first time in Melbourne, VIC. Patricia will be talking about the true history of Australia; the education our Australian school system never gave us. She will share her personal story from the land of Arrernte (Alice Springs), and speak about the invasion and settlement of Central Australia. She will also cover the invasion and growth of our Nation as a whole, and take us on a journey through time of trauma and collaboration. Her strength and sense of humour shine throughout her talk as she discusses where we have all come from, and where we are at now as a nation. May we also add that Aunty Pat was the face of the YES campaign in NT? ;) <3 When: SATURDAY 9th DECEMBER, 11:00am til 5:00pm Where: Read more →
Saturday 9 December 2017
4Dverse, Melbourne VIC (map)

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