Melbourne Pig Save and Melbourne Chicken Save joint Christmas rally - speaking up for chickens, pigs and turkeys. Please join us for our last rally of the year in the lead up to Christmas. As usual, we will be outside the H&M/GPO building at the Elizabeth St end of Bourke Street Mall. You can choose your level of participation by either holding a poster on the steps and helping to create a strong visual presence, handing out flyers, speaking with passers-by or obtaining signatures for our petition. All materials are provided. Christmas is a time celebrated by most people with family and friends over copious amounts of food. When they seek to celebrate peace, love, compassion and kindness over pig, chicken or turkey meat, they are acting contrary to those sentiments. In Australia in 2014 Read more →
1:00pm Saturday 9 December 2017
Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne VIC (map)

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