Give Pigs a Chance this Christmas And Take ALL animals off your plate. Please join us for a day of outreach! The festive season is always a sad and challenging time for those of us who fight against the slaughtering of animals. Pigs are one specsies of animal that, at this time of year, are abused to oblivion. In Australia alone nearly 5 million pigs are killed every year. That's 9 pigs every minute. Pigs killed worldwide every year total 1.4 billion. Join us as, once again, C2CAF step out into the community to bring awareness to the plight of pigs in factory farms and the horrors that they endure. In order to empower and inspire the community to adopt cruelty-free lifestyle choices, we will spend the day distributing information about pigs themselves as well as factory farming practices Read more →
Saturday 9 December 2017
Reddicliff Place, Brisbane QLD (map)

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