Learn to cook vegan po-boys and more at this workshop in Sydney If you're hankering after some down-home southern style smokin' spice and flavour, let us show you how it's done only plant-based. Yep, that's right, this vegan workshop will take you on a food journey to some rich and sticky fingerlickin' smokey goodness of New Orleans cuisine - where the hero is the veg. On the menu: Polenta fried pickles with a Louisiana remoulade Artichoke "crab" & corn cakes topped with a zesty Sriracha mayo Smokey tender tempeh jambalaya Fried chickpea battered tofu po boy (and a Hurricane cocktail :-) Course content Introduction to some of the plant-based substitutes used in vegan cooking Step-by-step discussion of the recipes for the workshop Demonstration and hands-on cooking (in small groups) to Read more →
6:30pm Wednesday 6 December 2017
Maker, Petersham NSW (map)

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