Please join us for a 5 day fast and 5 night Justice Camp at Diamond Valley Pork (DVP) in Laverton North (20 minutes from Melbourne's CBD). DVP is Victoria's largest pig slaughterhouse and can kill up to 2,500 pigs every day. This December is the second anniversary of the release of, our powerful undercover footage of the horrific gas stunning and slaughter of pigs that shocked Australia. Most pigs in Australia are stunned in gas chambers, people think these pigs gently fall asleep, the opposite is true. They struggle violently. Their eyes and nostrils burn intensely. What the industry don't want us to know is that water and high levels of carbon dioxide form carbonic acid on their eyes and every surface, so when the pigs inhale, their lungs, throat, nose and mouth becomes Read more →
Monday 4 December to Saturday 9 December 2017
Diamond Valley Pork, Laverton North VIC (map)

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