Merri Creek is a beautiful natural paradise, home to a huge range of waterbirds, fish, water rats, long necked turtles and even the occasional platypus! The area where the creek meets the river was was also traditionally the location for large gatherings of the Wurundjeri people, we are speaking of very sacred land and water that deserves protecting! Unfortunately, being so close to the city, a surplus of rubbish has trashed the beauty of Merri Creek, and all this rubbish poses a huge threat to the creatures who live there. So let's do something about it! On a lovely and hopefully hot Sunday at the start of December lets all band together (at 12pm) to restore the glory of this sacred place, for the animals, and for us humans to enjoy too. By getting rid of all that rubbish! And don't Read more →
Sunday 3 December 2017
Sumner Park, Brunswick East VIC (map)

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