"A happy gut is the key to a healthy life." About 70 percent of your immune system is located in the gut. Make the first step: Go dairy-free Here's Just Part Of What You'll Learn at the Gut Health Kickstarter Event: DISCOVER - all about Pantry Reboot, Shopping, Food Swaps, Nutrition, plus how to save Time & Money ENJOY & TASTE - 12 healthy product tasters, including milk, yogurts, cheese & chocolate LEARN & COOK - 4 easy & quick recipes, including milk, cheese, pasta sauce & ice cream BONUS - includes nourishing LUNCH + FREE Dairy-free Starter Kit ebook ENDORSEMENTS from previous participants & testimonials "I am so grateful and enlightened by the knowledge, skills and mindset I was able to take home and was just overwhelmed by the absolute passion, love and energy that Kris put into the Read more →
Sunday 3 December 2017
Umina Beach NSW (map)

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