In this vegetable fermentation master class you will learn how to make vital, functional fermented foods safely and effectively at home (for testimonials, see below). I will provide all the organic ingredients for the ferments you make, you bring basic kitchen equipment and jars, and you take home the good things you make on the day. We make sauerkraut and kimchi, and two or three other things bepending on what's available locally. I will bring some fermented foods and drinks for you to taste, and some kombucha scobys (mothers) and starter liquid for you too. All of this for only $120! A small investment for skills that last a lifetime, knowledge to help you and/or your family obtain optimal personal health, an in-depth book on the subject, plus high quality, organic fermented foods that Read more →
Sunday 3 December 2017
Upper Orara NSW (map)

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