You can vote for kindness this state election. The Animal Justice Party has a ten point plan for a kinder Queensland. Our candidates are running on a platform for: 1. A vibrant plant-based economy 2. Ending factory farms 3. Introducing world leading animal welfare laws 4. Effective marine proteciton 5. Strong laws on commercial animal breeding 6. A ban on greyhound racing 7. The reversal of land clearing rates 8. Real action on climate change 9. A stop to the Adani coal mine 10. An end to rodeos On 25 November vote for kindness. Vote 1 for your local Animal Justice Party candidate. #AKinderQLD #Vote1AJP Show your support: Ric Allport - Animal Justice for Mermaid Beach Janelle Clancy - Animal Justice for Macalister Danielle Cox - Animal Justice for Logan Karagh-Mae Kelly - Animal Justice Read more →
Saturday 25 November 2017
Across Queensland, Queensland QLD (map)

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