I've recieved many enquiries about when the picnics would be back, so I've decided to host one in November! Hopefully the weather is good to us :) If you'd like to meet some new vegan people and try some awesome home-cooked vegan food, come and hang! Please bring - A mat to sit on - Cutlery and a plate for yourself as it's better not to bring single-use plastic plates and cutlery :) - A vegan meal to share! (No animal products such as honey, meat, dairy, eggs etc.) Labelled with any allergens such as gluten and nuts to help out any people with allergens! Vegans & non-vegans allowed, just respect our beliefs and morals! Doggo's and humans of any age are allowed! For any questions, it's best to please contact me via Instagram or Tumblr at @laikenrichelle Read more →
1:00pm Sunday 19 November 2017
Himeji Japanese Garden, Adelaide SA (map)

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