We bring you The Vegan Activist Experience! This means that excitingly, 2 days before the World Vegan Day, Melbourne event we at AAA are collaborating with some AMAZING Activist groups who will be showing you what a life changing ACTION looks like! If you ever wanted to know what it's like to: - Try a new style of activism, a new group. - Bear witness and bring justice to animals on their way to a slaughterhouse :( - Or to simply know what it is like to watch a member of the public feeling incredibly moved and wanting to go vegan?? - Be inspired, learn different ways to defend the animals and advocate for veganism, then this event is for you! :D Below we have set the agenda with the group events linked: AGENDA FOR FRIDAY, 10 November 2017: SPECIAL GUESTS: Friday: Joe Carbstrong - Read more →
Friday 10 November to Saturday 11 November 2017
Melbourne VIC (map)

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