Join us for an intimate fundraising breakfast with some Vegan Inspirational People (V.I.P's) hosted by the charismatic comedian, skateboarder and vegan, David Quirk. James Aspey - Increase the peace, educate & inspire, push your limits & live life to the fullest! James is a 28 year old vegan, animal rights activist from Sydney, Australia. At 17, after being told he had 6 weeks to live unless he started immediate treatment, James went on to win his battle with Leukaemia. His journey took him deeper down the rabbit hole as he started analysing his own life and finding areas where he was causing harm and suffering to the planet, to himself, and to others. Lynda Stoner - Lynda worked as an actor throughout most of her life including theatre, musicals, TV shows . She has been an animal rights Read more →
7:30am Sunday 29 October 2017
Vegan Festival Activity Tent, Adelaide SA (map)

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