Dr Heleen will share with us three healthy and easy vegan recipes to cover your vegan breakfast, dinner and dessert! : * Fruited Breakfast Quinoa * Black Bean and Sweet Potato Chili * Chocolate Berrie Mousse Dr Heleen Roex-Haitjema received her medical training in paediatrics at the Free University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Since 2010, she has been researching the medical and nutrition literature on the relation between nutrition and our health. She became fascinated by the overwhelming amount of studies pointing out that a healthy plant-based diet is not only preventative, but can also play a curative role in stopping and sometimes even reversing chronic diseases. Heleen holds the Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition, Cornell University, New York and is the first Certified Food for Read more →
10:30am Saturday 28 October 2017
Victoria Square, Adelaide SA (map)

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